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A Chalice of Wind - Cate Tiernan I don't really know if there's a lot I can say about this book. The first 100 pages really bored me. I was skipping over words, then full sentences, sometimes even paragraphs, I just couldn't get into any of it. I couldn't and didn't feel anything towards the characters, or the plotline, or the just anything. I seriously debated putting it down and forgetting about the whole thing, but having bought all four books in this series in a bind up, I felt it would be a foolish decision. After the first 100 pages, things seemed to improve. The storyline finally had a spring of action, and I actually got a little more interesting, even if a lot of it was predictable, especially the triangle between the twins and Luc-Andre.

Characters wise, the biggest niggle of all was the different names and the complicatedness of them. Some of the names were so unheard of and just absurd in my opinion. Unless I was told how to pronounce them, I gave up about half the names and just skipped past them, and for a children/young teenage book, I was quite shocked that so many of the names would be so pronounciation centred. I was also surprised by how much French language was used. As someone who doesn't know a lot of French, I was quite shocked, but that's a completely personal issue. I also have no feeling towards any of the characters at all. I feel no empathy towards the twins, or towards any of the coven. My only hope is that when I do read the second installment of the series, the characters actually become much interesting.

Generally, this book bored me a lot, and I expected a lot more action than I got, and if I didn't already have the other 3, I'd probably avoid this series quite strongly. However, because I do have the next 3, I will continue with the series in the hope it improves.

Solid 2 Stars.
City of Bones - Cassandra Clare I absolutely loved this book. Completely. Any book that makes me bang on to my Mum about different characters and storylines is an absolutely amazing book.

To start with, the cover, I wasn't and am still not a huge fan of it. I don't like too many greens and yellows all mushed together, and I don't think that it really want with the book. The nice looking fellow on the front though really gave me a feel for Jace. It helped me imagine him, and having already seen pictures of the characters set for the film, I felt like I already had a fully formed picture in my head of him. Coverwise, I really liked it.

Character wise, I think my favorite is between Simon, as is many peoples, and Jocelyn. Now hear me out, I understand that really, the only times she's mentioned in greater detail are when different versions of events are being told, when she's attacked quite earlier on, and whenever Clary is having a typical mother/daughter tiff with her, otherwise, she's almost a forgotten character, but I feel she is quite possibly one the most important in this book, and quite possibly, later in the series. It was Jocelyn who helped create the circle with Valentine, and it was Jocelyn who helped destroy it with Luke. It was Jocelyn who fell in love with the wrong man, a hidden monster, and it was Jocelyn who left him, or planned to leave him. In the real world, many women suffer at the hands of men who hurt, distress and physically make them feel as though their lives are not worth living, and Jocelyn not only had the bravery to become stronger than that, and leave him, but also plotted against him to bring him and his plan down. That is one brave women. And then further, she escaped him entirely, running away in order to protect her unborn baby from a life of pain, and suffering, and from a destructive family. I truly believe that Jocelyn was a vital character in this book, and will continue to be. She is the driving force behind Clary's goals, she has fought her life to keep her daughter safe, and she more than likely will try to continue so further into the series. She is a mother that Cassandra Clare should be proud of creating.
When it comes to Simon, I can't help but repeat what others who have reviewed this have said. Simon is a charismatic and charming character, with humour to boot. He cares so much for Clary and even during their rough time in this book, he still continued to be there for her, like a true friend would. He took on board that she wasn't like him, that she had other things in her life now, and through the pain that showed, he was still faithful to her, and her other friends in the book. I also feel that Simon had some of the best character development within this book too. Unlike Clary's, which I felt was quite rushed and unclearly thought about, almost like Clare had decided to add more and more as it came along, it felt like she had a line of growth for Simon. Whether he was a human or a rat, he grew to believe in himself, and believe that he was greater than others gave him credit for. I really hope that Clare continues Simons growth as a character and look forward to more humour and emotions with him.

Plot wise, I constantly felt baffled and a little confused, so much so, I had to do some research into some of the characters and read a little on some of the further storylines, merely to steady my brain. Sometimes, I felt like not enough was happening in the story, almost like Clare had to fill a gap, and other times, I felt like she was trying to cram way too much into a small amount of space. I especially thought that the last few chapters were rushed and quickened, and made to include as much information as possible. I would have much rather have found out some details further into the series, for example, the connection between Clary and Valentine, although it was quite obvious to me close to the beginning, and others such as Hodge leaving so early into the series. I can't help but feel he may be another important character later on, and so I was quite disappointed on that front. On the other hand, the actions scenes were so full of excitement and energy, I'm sure I skimmed past non-vital words such as 'a' and 'the' just to feel the excitement pouring through the words and the lines.
Of course, the plot twist at the end completely threw me off the ball. I wasn't completely feeling the whole 'Clace' or whatever it's called, but I also didn't expect that. I also wasn't put off by the twist though, which I was surprised about. Having read snippets of the next few books in the series, I do know otherwise, but while reading, I was taken. Well done Clare.

Although I did have some problems with this book to start with, I fell into the story so easily and recognised a number of names due to having read The Infernal Devices first. I don't think it makes a difference what series is read first, but I feel from my point of view, starting in the past and working my way into the future was much easier for me. Seeing names I recognised, and features that were similar to characters in The Infernal Devices was lovely, and the fact that so many characters had bloodlines directly to past ones was brilliant, I really loved that little touch. In the end, I loved this book, so much so, I intend on buying the next two tomorrow so I can start them as soon as possible.

(Film Trailer Review)
[I completely get that film reviews and such aren't relative here, but I would like to say I am disappointed in some of the ways the film doesn't reflect the book in the trailer. I also feel that the cast was decided upon extremely well when relating to the book and the characters. My only complaint is with Dorotha; I imagined her to be much older, oh well.]

4.5 Stars
Anna and the French Kiss - Stephanie Perkins I'm not a huge Summer fan. To be truthfully honest, I hate Summer. I hate the sun, the heat, the insects, the laziness of people, I hate it all. But after reading 3 chapters of Anna and the French Kiss, I decided I would brave the the sun, get myself a tan, and read whoever much of this book I wanted in our communal yard.

I finished the entire book. In a grand total of 4 hours which is pretty quick for me, and quite possibly a record next to favourites.

It is quite possibly the most cliché, YA contemporary, romantic, summery novel I have ever heard of and read. I don't usually like cliché, but I enjoyed this. A lot.

I really liked the inner messages within the book. References of people being what makes a place home, and that fate does decide what is best for you within your life were two of my favourites.
The story itself reminded me of another book I thoroughly enjoyed, and although it was much less sexually oriented and less frustrating to read, the reminder made me enjoy this story more, and when it did frustrate me, I knew it would pick up quickly.

The only downfall with this book personally, was just how cliché it was. Wishes and Paris and famous buildings and, crêpe, love at first sight and, it all just began to great on me. I completely understood the theme of the story and that it was meant to be romantic, but for me, it was just that little bit too cliché. Still, even with this, totslly worth the full monty.

5 Stars.
This Lullaby - Sarah Dessen “The fate of your heart is your choice and no one else gets a vote”

It's a well known fact that I usually do my reviews the day after I finish a book, just so that my review can be as thought out and thorough as possible, but not this one, oh no, this one, must be done now.

I could physically cuddle, hold, and spend every waking moment being with this book if it meant I could read it again and again, for the first time, every time. I completely adored it.

As with many YA books, specific authors or titles get, overly talked about on Book-tube or Goodreads and 90% of the time, I try to avoid the books that get the 'hype' until the hype is gone, in this case, Sarah Dessen is quite a favourite with the ladies of YA. But after a Book-tuber mentioned she was a fan of Sarah Dessen, I thought I'd put a title to the test and give her work a go, and after finding This Lullaby for £1.20 in a charity store, there was no saying no.

I've never been a 'character development' reader, I tend to feel the plot of a story, is much more important than the characters in it, much like the lyrics to a song, than the person singing it. I realise I may be a small minority in this case, but bare with, it will make sense in the end. I loved each character in their own right, and each character had a trait, something about them that meant I could remember them throughout the book and throughout the story, but I felt the plot, a plot surrounding every possible wave of love, was what made the characters mature.

Of every character in This Lullaby, I feel my favourite, was Monkey. This could also be in the minority, but I feel Monkey's character, was what the story was all about. Animals are much more, adaptable to people, and let new people into their lives, with not much thought of the repercussions, or how it may end, or what may happen inbetween all of those things, and I feel that this is what our main character, Remy, learnt in her summer months. I feel that Monkey, although a minor character, may have been Sarah's inspiration for the entire plot.

In a short summary, I just have a lot of feelings towards this book, and although it took me some time to read, I would definitely have this on my read again pile, read forever pile, and introduce people to pile. I may even be brave enough to say, I loved this book as much as The Fault in Our Stars, if not, a tiny bit more.

5 stars.
Is It Just Me? - Miranda Hart It's very rare that I don't know where to start with reviews, but I'm going to put it down to the fact that this was my first autobiography type book I've read, ever. And I have some definite but small things I don't like about them, but bare with, they don't ruin the reading experience for all those 'I'm a bit weary to read this book' people out there.

First point of call; I was both amazed and disappointed by what Miranda called her 'experiences'. I know that I was hoping for a more, honest insight to her life, her actual experiences, her genuine feelings, that was what I expected an autobiography to be like. Now whether that's my fault for thinking such things, or Miranda's fault for not delivering, who knows, but I honestly felt that the experiences were over-exaggerated, for comedy purposes, which I didn't like. Miranda is naturally a funny woman, and I feel that the unnecessary comedian-ised experiences ruined it a bit for me.

Second point of call; I loved how Miranda sectioned each chapter to a small area of our lives that we never really think in depth about on a regular basis. The first few chapters encouraged a small reading slump in me, as they weren't particular areas I was interested in, but with all books, there will be parts you don't particularly like, and mine were these. I feel as though I struggled reading this book for that reason. I know I personally went weeks without picking it up, and that made me sad, as I expected a lot more from it. But once I'd got into the 5/6 chapters, I felt excited to see it on my shelf, that I could grab it and read another chapter in a sneaky 20 minutes. I especially loved the tick-box activities inside the book aswell. DO NOT BE AFRAID TO TICK THE BOXES FUTURE READERS! I admit, I panicked and shook holding the pen, but it's your copy, it's your Miranda-ual, you tick those boxes.

The third and last point of call was Little M. I adored the concept of meeting past, smaller you and telling them about your life now, and how, although your dreams are one thing now, what dreams you can achieve, are different. Little M was always the one, constant thing in the book that kept me smiling and laughing.

I feel that if I were more open-minded about what autobiographies were like, and didn't fall into my small reading slump near the beginning of the book, I think I might of just thoroughly enjoyed it a bit more than 4 Stars, but hey-ho.

4 Stars.
Forbidden - Tabitha Suzuma I've found it must difficult to both read and rate this book. Not only because of the story behind it, but also because of how this book made me feel. I do feel like I should stress that this book does not condone incestuous relationships, encourage them or romanticise them. I must also stress that this book is entirely fictitious.

This book gripped my with the plot, and entirely that. Not the cliche parts of the characters, the sections that centered around her being 'never kissed' and him shy. No. It was the fact that the plot was about a biological brother and sister, embarking on a romantic relationship, that was what gripped me. So much so, if I tried to explain the plot to friends, it was too delicate of a conversation to have with them, and this is why I must first, congratulate Ms Suzuma on this novel. Not only is incest a frowned upon subject in near enough every country worldwide, the topic itself is also a part of our society. The incest story line is fed to teenagers through the porn industry, which almost leaves the viewer to believe that it's okay, that it's accepted in today's world, but it isn't, and I was fascinated by how a delicate subject, such as this, would be portrayed. I'm pleased to say, on the whole, I was impressed.

I deducted a star for a number of reasons, all small, but made a difference to my enjoyment through reading this.

The first reason being, that I felt both our main characters, Lochan and Maya, were a little too cliche for my liking. I felt that the confident girl and shy boy has been portrayed before in a number of novels, and felt that, although this helped through their character development and the story of them becoming closer, it was just not for me.

Reason number two was that they followed another trait in relationships in novels that bugs me as well, and that is the 'I can't survive without you' trait. Yes, I understand that as a teenager, you have pent up feelings that require you thinking of your loved one, or wishing to see them more, but in your bog standard relationship, that's what happens, but I felt that in this one, is was to the extreme! There's only been one other novel in which I felt the level of extremity was the same, and it annoyed me in that one too, so it's not a personal vendetta with this one in particular.

The third and final reason, was the repetition throughout the novel. I do also understand as part of the plot, that there is a certain amount of routine within it, but I just got bored on too many occasions, and left it days not picking it up in some cases. This is also just a personal thing for me, but it mattered.

The other parts of the plot also pleased me, specifically that of the estranged Mother and Father. I felt that this is a sad representation of a section of society that people don't want to confess to, but does happen all the same. The character development of Lochan and his anxiety problems were also covered well, and I'm pretty impressed with this book on the whole.

I am glad I bought this book, as although, I would put a 20% chance of me ever reading this again, my eyes were opened to the world of incest and the relationships of that kind that do happen, and I would definitely says it's a must read for people who like realistic and raw novels, containing delicate subjects and for me personally, mild sex scenes are also included in the novel, as to be expected.

4 Stars.
The Fault in Our Stars - John Green I usually give most of my reviews, a day or two to stew, so I know exactly what to write about, and why, but The Fault in Our Stars is meant to rip your heart out, shred it, tape it back together and leave it hanging as a crumpled mess. I will do my best to save this from being a crumpled mess review, but I can't promise it won't be.

Yes. I did cry. I balled my eyes. Numerous times.
And yes. I did also curse John Green while balling my eyes out.

It's near enough impossible to not know someone or know of someone who has had Cancer, and every Cancer story is different. Sometimes it's a different Cancer, other times, it just depends on the person, but throughout this book, I found it almost too easy to compare some aspects of fighting Cancer, to that of fighting a mental illness, or depression, or eating problems, and this is what made this book so powerful for me. There is probably not a human in the world who can't say there wasn't something, in this novel, that reminded them of themselves. Not one. It's simple aspects like that, that allows a novel like The Fault in Our Stars, to become the hit it has.

It took me longer than I had anticipated to read this novel, and I would mainly put blame to my lack of control of my own emotions, and John Greens talent in making me search every emotion I know, and feel it within 316 pages.

I don't think my review, no matter how descriptive, could provide a potential reader with any advice in how to avoid falling in love, ache and emotional turmoil with this book. There are very few books, that ever manage to stay in a readers heart for years, let alone a lifetime, but this novel, will be one I carry with me for my entire life.

Do not, and I repeat, do NOT pick this book up to fill the time in your day. Do NOT think that this book will be an emotion-free zone.

This novel, is beautiful, in every way.

5 Stars.
The Lover's Dictionary - David Levithan It's quite rare that I review a book right after I finish reading it, but I feel in order to represent my feelings, as they are now, it needs to be done now.

I've been single for very close to 2 years, 2 years tomorrow to be exact, and if I'm honest, I'd forgotten the simplest things of a relationship. For example, just how much the little habits annoy you, or how much you change, impulsively, around other people. I feel that this books did exactly what a book should do. It taught me the truth about the things I thought I already knew.

The concept of love itself, is something we all feel we know, and it means different things to different people. It's a personal preference really, but this book, David, proved just how we are all the same, we're all following a pre-written story, no matter how much we try to deny it.

I'd never read a book by David Levithan before, and I saw this book for 50p at a local book store, for the 'love season', so it was a complete must to pick up. Sadly, I've been in a bit of a reading slump, and have been finding it difficult to get attached to a book, and reading this, in the form of a dictionary, did prove difficult at first, but after sitting down this afternoon to read it, and enjoy it, and with a complete open heart and mind, I fell in love with it. I loved that this book was constantly kept anonymous, allowing somebody to easily place themselves into the story, and to love every minute of it.

I can't find enough words to finish describing the feelings I went through reading this, but I do know, that this book has taught me the things I'd forgotten about love, and relationships, and I feel well educated in both intellect and experience. Thank you David, you are an artist of the highest order.

4 Stars.
Freaks Like Us (Dirty Monsters, #1) - Jackie Trippier Holt Before I started this book, I had not idea what I was expecting, let alone what I was going to get. The synopsis itself, although not hugely descriptive of the plot, was intriguing enough to grip me. I first entered a giveaway, which I sadly didn't win, but I was certain that I wanted to own, read and love this book, so I bought it.

To start with, the cover is just jaw-droppingly beautiful. The simple use of orangey/yellow and red to represent the circus tent, and the outline of a young lady reminded me of how I draw women, and how difficult I find it to draw two identical eyes, so this cover just drew me in instantly, and there was no ignoring it.

The first and only reason I would have deducted any stars, was that it took a little too long to get into the story for me. I felt that, for a book with no real description of the plot before actually starting it, that the speed in which it was written was a bit of a let down. When it really started though, it was brilliant. For this reason, I have avoided taking a star off my rating, after much deliberation and a few days to think it over.

One thing I would love to commend Jackie Holt for, is how she made the characters so human, yet so different at the same time. There were times when I would feel so invested and emotional for the characters, I would actually believe that they were fully human, and not a form of hybrid or different creature entirely. Not only this, but Jackie included some very important, real life issues that really took me by surprise, or should I say, I was surprised to come across.

This book was so beautifully written, that there is not a single doubt in my mind that I'll be reading the next installment of the Dirty Monsters series. You've got yourself another positive review Jackie.

5 Stars.
Across the Universe - Beth Revis From other reviews, this book's been listed as a sci-fi/fantasy book. From instantly seeing the cover, I expected some dramatics in space, and a boy/girl connection, but I was however, disappointed. When the synopsis tells of a girl being the victim of an attempted murder, I was actually quite annoyed to find out the truth behind that. But that wasn't my only problem with this book.

I understand that in trilogies, the first book is meant to set the scene, and engross the reader, encourage them to read the series further. But the first book is also meant to be enjoyable, and a story in itself, I just personally felt that this story, was too set in either the past or the future, for both characters, and had no real stability in the present day, on said ship. While Amy reminisced about life on Earth, Elder would constantly be thinking about the past Eldest's or his future as one. This for me, slowed down the reading, making me take two days out of reading it, from lack of enjoyment.

When it came down to the characters, I couldn't help but feel that our two main characters, were nothing but moaning, hormonal, lustful teenagers. I felt no character growth whatsoever. I feel some of the other, lesser described characters, were easier to relate to. I felt that on a ship full of emotionless people, those who were shown to care, and feel themselves, were quite easy to befriend, in a reading sort of manner. My favourite character would probably be Harley, as throughout the story, he was constantly growing into his part, and his character traits had great amount of continuity throughout.

The story itself was brilliant. The idea of murder on an encased ship provided a better feeling of being trapped and having no where to run. But the lack of romance let me down. The cover is oh so fooling. Although you can quite clearly see that Amy's eyes are closed on the cover, I still fell for initial subtlety of romance, or at least, some emotional feelings. Although the book had some, but not a lot. Maybe I'm a hard woman to please when it comes to romance, but I felt it just wasn't enough.

I will be buying A Million Suns, to see if the overall story improves, and to see if I will be getting some of the romance, that cover promises so well, not to mention see Elders leadership skills with all his new found strength and power.

3.5 Stars.


Forever - Judy Blume A true story highlighting the naive expectations of love, sex and faithfulness as a young adult.

The only reason this book didn't get the full job from me was the length. As it was such a short book, I expect there to be quite a quick pace to it, and I had high expectations after reading that Judy Blume was refereed to as 'Queen of Teen'. But sadly, this didn't quite cut the mustard for me. For me, the size of the book let it down. I felt that the character building was brilliant, especially when it came down to the progression of a relationship from honeymoon stage to physical, but I felt like, the characters were too immature for their age. I for one personally have never dated a guy who proceeded to name his genitals, nor have I ever thought of having a baby for the reason of providing me with an experience I 'have to try'. For me, these actions were too, childlike.

Other than that, I completely fell in love with what the story captured, and I became much more aware of the public image surrounding sex and teens at the time Judy Blume wrote this. As seen today, many adults assume teens are just sleeping around with anyone, or are hiding a million secrets from them, when in fact, a lot of the teen population, are a lot more sensible than one would assume. I was impressed by how simple the sex scenes were written, and although part of me understood that this book was probably aimed at a younger audience, not 18 year olds with experience, I was glad she'd kept it light and humorous.

Throughout reading this book, I felt like I could really connect to my younger childhood, and could appreciate how the characters felt, and the complicated feelings they went through. I was a little disappointed that one the main aspects covered in the synopsis was only highlighted within the last third of the book, and how quickly the book ended, feeling almost abrupt. A part of me felt that this book could have been a small series of 2 or 3 books, following our main character further, as I felt there was more room to develop her character, and so that we as readers could learn with her.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone between the ages of 15-18, but I wouldn't to much older than that. It's a beautifully written books, with just the right amount of humour, lightness and advice.

4 Stars.
Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher This book caused a great deal more emotional pain for me, than a lot of other books.

Having been through some, not very nice things in my life myself, although fiction, being taken through another girls journey which in the end, reached the decision of suicide, was quite difficult to read.

Although overall I gave this book 4 stars, it was let down by the fact that the first few chapters seemed to be dragged. And although I understood the concept, of the small things become bigger things, problems, they still felt, quite paced, if not too paced. If there was anything I could say that could have possibly improved the first few chapters, it would have been if more time was spent on the larger, more serious of events. Personally, for me, the first 5 chapters were too large for the stories within them.

The latter half of the book was brilliantly written and really showed what someone goes through when thinking of suicide. I'm sure there's a lot of people who can relate to being in a tough patch, or going through a spell of depression, but this book takes it to the next level. It gives you a real insight on how the smallest of things, can become huge obstacles in your life.

Thirteen Reasons Why seriously hit a nerve with me, and brought a lot of memories I thought were buried, back up, hence it has taken me a day to find the words for this review. I know that if I were to recommend this book to anyone else, I would at least say, if you've ever thought about suicide, self harmed, and seriously felt alone, don't expect this book to be a light, easy read, because it isn't.

4 Stars.

Sherlock Holmes 6-Book Boxed Set (Collector's Library)

The Complete Sherlock Holmes: Boxed Set -  Arthur Conan Doyle A Study in Scarlet: 4 Stars
The Sign of Four: 4 Stars
The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: 4 Stars
The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes: 4 Stars
The Hound of the Baskervilles: 5 Stars
The Return of Sherlock Holmes: 5 Stars
The Valley of Fear: 3 Stars
His Last Bow: 3 Stars
The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes: 3.5 Stars

Beautiful Disaster

Beautiful Disaster  - Jamie McGuire I have to admit, I fell guilty to the 'beautiful cover' trap when I first saw this book on Goodreads. I'm a sucker for these styles and I just fell head first in love with it. I wanted it just for the cover. I then read the back, and to be fair, although very cliché, I like a bit of romance.

I then went through a tough month of hating myself for wanting this book so much due to one very negative review, which said that the book promoted violence in relationships and over-powering boyfriends. But I was certain I wanted this book, so I got it for Christmas.

It was fair to say, I read this book in 3 days, around 7 hours in total. I'm a bit of a slow-ish reader. I personally feel like the previous comment about promoting violence in a relationship is easily misrepresented. Other than the fact the book contains your average, possibly bit aggressive fights in colleges and schools, I personally believe the violence aspect was well covered, and was used on the occasions needed to really bring out the mood and atmosphere in the scenes it was used in.

Character building wise, I feel the book was a bit of a let down. Although the names of the characters impressed me and I found them easy to follow, the actual descriptions of them, was lacking, other than Travis descriptions. In some ways, I felt like McGuire wanted us to concentrate on Travis more than the other characters, and I felt like that was wrong in some places.

The actual storytelling, impressed me a lot. I like a book I can read with pleasure and scan my way through it, and to be fair, when people review this book as a 'teens version of 50 shades' and I really wonder if they've got to grips with the book. It's about two teenagers, who are at an age, where sex and money and drinking and fighting is going to happen, it's what happens, not matter what country you're in, not matter what your background or what you're studying, it's life. Granted, the relationship wasn't what I would call perfect, the on/off-ness began to bug me in places, and sometimes, I didn't like the aspect of 'belonging to someone' or being 'owned'.

But even through all the critics I had with this books, the parts that were fabulous, were just that, and as I said earlier, I'm a sucker for a raw, aching romance, and even with the typical teen aspects, Jamie McGuire knows how to right a good book.

Stars: 4.9
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass - Lewis Carroll In it's entirety, I didn't particularly find this book too good.

There were small areas that were interesting, and quite fun to read, where as the larger areas, which were not as fun, and actually bored me, ruined the story as a whole. The book itself was well written, leaving the obvious explanations in within the writing, but to be honest, this book just wasn't for me. Being such a short book, I started and finished it within an hour and a half, after starting it the day after I marked it as reading.

I probably won't be buying this book, or re-reading this book anytime soon, hence my giving it 2.5 stars overall.
Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen I am highly ashamed that it took me so long to find and read this book. After finding it on my free books to be available on my phone, I finally gave in and tried it, and how happy I am that I did.

Austen's brilliance of developing characters at such a perfect pace within the book was wonderful. Not once was a character given too much description, or given more time another. I also loved how Austen made sure that the feelings for Elizabeth and Darcy were shown as a gradual loving for one another, unlike a lot of the contemporary books you find these days, where the two focused characters are said to fall in love quickly and obscenely.

There were areas within the book where I was highly disappointed, for example, the constant referring to Mr Collins being portrayed as a simple man, and Darcy a man of huge pompousness, not to mention how annoying Mrs Bennet was throughout the novel, on one occasions, causing so much hatred for her, I actually told the character to be quiet, aloud. Of all the well built characters, I believe Darcy to be my favourite. Not only was he a proud man of a high standard, he was not afraid of feeling love, although he refused to speak of it, he was proud of his love for Elizabeth, and that's what made me so compelled to read on throughout the book.

When deciding what to give Pride and Prejudice, I was stuck between 4.5 and 5 stars, as there were areas, as mentioned above, that annoyed me, but when thought about, these areas where quite quickly forgotten as the areas that we brilliant, were amazing, and I would recommend this book to anyone, male and female, hence my giving it 5 stars.

A wonderful wintery read, and I really would love to read it, and all of Austen's other novels, numerous times.

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